August 10, 2022


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The Life of Lebron James which is So Inspiring

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In 2003, one of the most dangerous players in the NBA was included in the draft ranks. His name is Lebron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers also became the first team he landed on to be able to play in the NBA.

Now Lebron James defends the Los Angeles Lakers. A basketball team that is quite phenomenal in the NBA. Until he is 35 years old, Lebron is still one of the most feared players in the NBA.

But behind it all, Lebron has experienced difficult times in his life. A 3-time NBA Champion, 4-time MVP and 15-time All-Star, he became homeless with his mother when he was young.

Lebron As a Child

Lebron James had never met a father figure in his life. Reporting from, until now no one has been able to reveal who the father of Lebron James is. Lebron didn’t really care about it either,

When asked where his father had gone he simply replied, “The figure of a father is my mother. She is all I need,” he said.

Little Lebron James always lived and struggled with his mother, Gloria Marie James, who always tried and worked hard to make her child happy.


This small family had experienced difficulties in economic matters. Lebron and his mother were also evicted from the apartment they were in because they could not pay the rent. They ended up staying and sleeping in the car for several days.

This is what finally made Lebron James quit school for a while and was left at his mother’s friend’s house. This was done so that his mother could earn a living to send Lebron back to school.

Since childhood, Lebron James was very attached to the sport of American Football because of the surrounding environment that played this sport. He is also very good at playing this sport.

Basketball Career

When entrusted to his mother’s friend’s house, Lebron was introduced to basketball for the first time. He saw the child of his mother’s friend playing basketball with friends on the court near the house. Lebron also tried to play it and pursue the sport.

Unexpectedly, his basketball skills exceeded his ability to play football. Lebron James finally entered St. Vincent St. Mary’s High School. There he honed his talents.

During high school, two well-known shoe brands Nike and Adidas had also competed for signatures to enter into a contract.

He also had the opportunity to train with basketball legend Michael Jordan as a teenager. Not long after that Lebron finally entered the NBA draft and the event instantly changed his life and his mother.

His neat game in the NBA made Lebron contested by the big teams. Quoted from, the salary of a Lebron James reached 35 million USD in 2018.

With that much money, of course Lebron could buy what he wanted. But that’s not what Lebron wanted. This player actually often uses his wealth for charity. He also founded a free school for underprivileged children in Akron.

Lebron did it all because he had felt like he was in that position. Difficult financially and not going to school. Now Lebron also has an organization called the Lebron James Family Foundation which often helps people in distress.

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