August 10, 2022


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Lebron Will Answers Criticsm About The Lakers Team Next Season

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Since the NBA’s “free agent” transfer market opened, the Los Angeles Lakers roster has undergone many changes. Starting from the arrival of Russell Westbrook, to young stars like Malik Monk and Kendrick Nunn. However, this change in the composition of the players brought criticism. LeBron James as the main star of the Lakers finally answered the criticism.

The Lakers intend to create a more competitive team for the 2021-2022 season. However, their movement in the transfer market is considered very aggressive. So that more and more questions arise, what will the Lakers team look like next season.

From the guard side, the Lakers have  Westbrook. Wayne Ellington, Talent Horton-Tucker,  Malik Monk,  and  Kendrick Nunn. In their forwards are LeBron James, Kent Bazemore, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, and Trevor Ariza. In the flashlight position were Marc Gasol and Dwight Howard.

Westbrook and Nunn are no longer in doubt. But it was Ellington and Monk’s presence that was questionable. Are they able to cover the weakness of the Lakers in terms of three-point shot accuracy. Netizens also questioned the division of tasks between Anthony Davis, Ariza, Gasol, and Howard. The discussion now is about guessing the strategy that will be used by Frank Vogel is also a hot discussion.

In addition, netizens also criticized the player’s age. ESPN released a data on the NBA, namely the average age of players on their roster. Currently, the Utah Jazz 2000-2001 season topped the rankings for having an average age of 32.6 years. In second place is the Houston Rockets for the 1997-1998 season with an average age of 32.4 years. The legendary 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls were in third place with an average age of 32.1 years.

If you look at the current roster, there are 8 of the 13 Lakers players who are 32 years old or older. If this roster becomes the official composition next season, the Lakers will be the first team in NBA history to have a roster with the oldest average age.

This netizen’s criticism and ridicule also reached the ears of LeBron James. To the extent that “The King” must make a firm statement, to answer all the criticism and ridicule of his team next season.

“Keep talking about my squad, the age of our rosters, about the way they play, about the injuries and how we spent our time in this league. Please help me!!! And I mean please!!! Keep the same energy when the league starts That’s all I ask. #Thank you,” wrote LeBron on his personal Twitter account.

That statement can mean two things. LeBron is pleased with the criticism because it can lift the spirit of his team. Or, conversely, LeBron doesn’t like his team to be the subject of ridicule on social media.

Lebron so confident about the rosters he got on facing next season. He believes this squad would go far and do something great, he feels that next season will getting more intersting, lots of player transfers that make the NBA league more competitive.

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