August 11, 2022


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Did You Know, Lebron Likes To Do This in The Past?

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LeBron James is now named as the athlete who endorses with the highest price. Reportedly, in the early days of LeBron James’s career, he had a contract with the shoe brand NIKE for 90 million USD for 7 years. The huge contract, then grew rapidly to bring in about 345 million USD.

In addition to the endorsements, LeBron James is also included in the top 3 lists of the NBA’s highest-paid athletes. The salary achieved by LeBron James per year can reach 400 million USD. Well, with a salary like this, you don’t even feel like buying a BMW car every month.

But, despite the success in basketball and various endorsement partnerships, did you know if Lebron likes to do this in the past?

Hobbies Skipping Elementary School

When LeBron James was in grade 4, he was known as the student who missed the most. According to many news, out of a total of 160 school days, he only entered for 86 days. That means LeBron James is truant for a whole semester.

Reportedly, the trigger for this is the family factor. LeBron James is a child raised by his widowed mother. Because she continues to look for the whereabouts of her husband, the athlete’s mother also moved cities so this affected the absence of LeBron James.

Like To Gamble

When Lebron was in high school, he really liked to bet with his friends to guess the winner of the NBA basketball game. And he is looking for money to survive.

Besides that, Lebron also often bet when he was playing basketball in high school, whether he could bring his team to win or not. It turns out that he can win even more times because he managed to bring his team to the championship.

Who would have thought that the world basketball player, LeBron James with all his current wealth, would ever gamble to survive and make a profit? So if Lebron can profit from gambling, so can you. Gambling is now very flexible, it can be done online anytime and anywhere. Online gambling is currently very popular in the world, many bookies are ready to give the best prizes and many benefits. There are many interesting games that can be played starting from soccer gambling/sportsbooks, slot games, and online casinos. For more information, please visit the homepage of football betting.

Become a Marijuana Addict

As we know, every human being has its own advantages and disadvantages. LeBron James admits that he was once addicted to marijuana or marijuana. He first tried smoking marijuana when he was in high school. Wow, when I was in school, it turned out that LeBron James had quite the problem.

The reason this athlete used marijuana was because he was under pressure due to his sudden surge in popularity. Every time before a match, this athlete routinely always takes the time to smoke marijuana first.

There are indeed a lot of athletes who use marijuana, but I didn’t expect LeBron James to be one of them. However, he repents and is open about his past.

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