August 11, 2022


Just For You LeBron Enthusiasts

Here Are 6 Things You Didn’t Know About LeBron James!

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The achievements and abilities of LeBron James have made him one of the legends in the basketball world. LeBron James’ most famous achievement is winning the MVP in 2014 4 times in a row. However, did you know that LeBron James is also known for these 10 unique things?

Right Hand = Left Hand

Although you always see this athlete playing basketball with his right hand, LeBron James can actually do various activities using both hands. For example, LeBron used to write and eat with his left hand.

Reportedly, very few people can smoothly use both hands for activities. 90% of the entire population in the world uses their right hand for activities, and 10% of them are left-handed or ambidextrous (can use both hands skillfully).

Former Football Athlete

This fact is still very rarely known to people. When you hear the name LeBron James, the first thing that comes to your mind is basketball. But in fact, during his high school days, LeBron James was better known as a good american football player.

LeBron James once represented his school Vincent-St. Mary’s High School and managed to catch 103 shots with a throw distance of 2,065 yards. Not only that, LeBron James also managed to score 23 touchdowns while he was playing. I can’t imagine if LeBron James is known as a football athlete rather than a basketball athlete.

Art Lover

It turned out that what raised the spirit of a LeBron James when he was in high school was not only football, but also art subjects. Yes, LeBron James’s interest in art can be seen from his shoe designs that are different from the others.

Owning a Stake in a Football Club

For LeBron James, being a basketball player doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away from the world outside of basketball. In fact, LeBron James fell in love with the famous English football club, Liverpool FC.

His love for this football club prompted LeBron James to invest there in 2011. This is the first time Liverpool football club has distributed its shares to a professional athlete. It turns out that LeBron James really loves many types of sports, doesn’t he.

A Cartoon Fans

Although LeBron James looks very dashing with a height of up to 2 meters, this athlete turns out to be a fan of watching cartoons. When he has free time, he spends it watching his favorite cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants.

Because of his love for this cartoon, LeBron James is willing to be a guest star in an episode of the Spongebob cartoon entitled “Truth or Square”, where he plays himself.

In addition, LeBron James also likes watching Tom & Jerry cartoons. The funny thing is, this athlete took the time to watch cartoons while he was waiting for his children to go to school. Wow, maybe women can immediately have a heavy crush on a man who has a heart like an innocent child.

Loyal Type of Guy

It turns out that not all famous people have a hobby of changing partners, you know. For example, LeBron James who has always been faithful to his wife for years.

This athlete first dated his wife, Savannah Brinson, when he was in high school. Then they got married in 2013 and their marriage was not too much of a media gossip because their relationship was going smoothly.

Well, this really needs to be emulated not only for famous people, but for you too.

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