October 3, 2022


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Deliver LA Lakers NBA Champion, LeBron James Pay Tribute to Kobe Bryant

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Megastar LeBron James wrote a touching message for the late Kobe Bryant. The tribute was uploaded by James on his Instagram account page, Thursday (15/10) or three days after delivering the Los Angeles Lakers to win the 2019/2020 NBA.

“Hopefully what I have created can make you proud, brother. Love and miss you, champion !! ” wrote LeBron while displaying a photo with Mamba wearing a jersey with the jersey number 24.

The Lakers ended their wait for the championship after winning 4-2 on aggregate over the Miami Heat in the best-of-seven format NBA Finals. This success was fulfilled after the Lakers won 106-93 in the sixth game, Monday (12/10).

The other three Lakers wins were in the first game 106-98 (1/10), the second game with a score of 124-114 (3/10), and the fourth game, 102-96.

The Lakers’ two defeats came in the third game, when they surrendered 104-115 on October 5 and the fifth game when they lost 108-111 on October 10.

The Lakers dedicate the victory to the late Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash, 26 January. James and Anthony Davis even tattooed their bodies with the image of Black Mamba and imagined Kobe playing together in their minds.


James’s achievement for the Lakers also fulfilled his promise two years ago. When he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Lakers, at that time he announced his goal was to return the Lakers to the top of Uncle Sam’s country basketball. This desire was strengthened by the presence of Davis, who came to the Lakers through trading channels from the Pelicans, last year.

When Bryant died, James promised to continue the legacy of achievements Bryant had carved with the Lakers. James now has four championship rings, a symbol of the NBA rulers, in his career. This success was obtained by defending three different teams, namely the Heat, Cavaliers and the Lakers. Now, he is only one adrift of Bryant’s five-time NBA championship record.

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