October 3, 2022


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What Should Be Considered When Choosing Basketball Shoes?

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One of the items that basketball lovers must have is shoes. Later, basketball shoes can also be used as daily fashion supporters. So, what should you consider before buying basketball shoes?

The large size and shape of basketball shoes are made not without purpose. Basketball is a sport that relies on leg strength even though it is not played like soccer. At least when you run and jump while you shoot the ball or grab it under the ring, leg strength comes first.

The weight received by your feet does not mess with these movements. In order to protect the feet on which this game is based, so many sports apparel compete to release products with various technologies that support the game.

One of the most important is the shoe sole that is hard and not slippery. The stiffness of the sole material will provide resistance to intense movements when playing basketball. Meanwhile, the non-slippery material also makes it easier for you to accelerate when playing, whether you’re running, avoiding control, or doing stealthy movements.

Not only that, your playing position on the court can also be a consideration when choosing basketball shoes. For those of you who play as guard and forward, shoes that have light weight will be very helpful, considering the players in that position will need aggressive movements.

Meanwhile, for those of you who play as center and power forward, a good sole is very important. This will lighten the weight of your legs when you land after the rebound.

For those of you who like to play basketball, of course many of you already have your favorite basketball shoes, or even favorite apparel that makes you lazy to switch to another brand. One thing is certain, each brand must have its own advantages.

NBA Player Series

You could say that the basketball shoes used by NBA players are the ones most often sought after by basketball fans. These considerations made a number of giant apparel in the world to issue special editions of NBA stars, from Nike, Adidas, to Under Armor.

You could say Nike is quite widely used by NBA players who have become idols for basketball fans around the world. Even Nike did not hesitate to issue a special edition of NBA players.


Air Jordan which is the Michael Jordan series, then Kyrie and Bandulu which is the Kyrie Irving series, Nike Mamba which is the signature of the LA Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, to LeBrone Soldier and LeBron 16 Buzz Lightyear which is the LeBron James series.

Adidas also did the same. Damien Lillard has a signature shoe called Adidas Dame. Then there is Adidas Harden which is the signature of James Harden.

Meanwhile for Under Armor, Stephen Curry’s signature series is still the most sought after by basketball fans, such as Curry 7.

Local Products Can Be Tried

The big names of the three giant apparel in the world above are indeed so close to so many sports, including basketball. However, a number of local apparels are also not left behind to enliven this sport, considering that there are quite a lot of basketball fans in Indonesia.

A number of brands that also produce basketball shoes in Indonesia are Ardiles, League, Spotec, and Piero. However, it must be admitted that Ardiles and League are two apparels that have quite a few variants in basketball shoe products.

Ardiles even issued an edition of the DBL, or Developmental Basketball League, which is a basketball league competition for junior high and high school students in Indonesia. Affordable prices and partnerships with official basketball institutions in Indonesia make this Ardiles product quite a favorite among students.

The DBL series is also produced in various color variants, starting from Navy Yellow in Ardiles DBL Pride products, red to black variations in Ardiles DBL AD1 and Ardiles DBL Fundamental products.

Meanwhile, League issued several variants for basketball shoes, including the Levitate series which is made of synthetic leather with a dynamic cushion EVA material that can absorb loads when landing after jumping. League Levitate has several color variants, ranging from black-gold to red-black.

There is also the Fundamental League, a shoe specially made for those who play as playmakers or attack managers. The material is not much different from the Levitate series, it’s just that this one is indeed a high cut model.

Not only that, there are also the League Shift and League Clash series. You could say, League does have enough variants for you basketball fans.

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