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The Most Popular and Legendary NBA Basketball Player Brands

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Basketball is one sport that is also popular in Indonesia, in addition to soccer and badminton. Basketball is now an extracurricular activity that is very popular in schools, and even in college. And, from the beginning until now, what has become the ‘mecca’ of basketball is, of course, the United States National Basketball Association (NBA).

The NBA competition has a long history and produced many legendary players, such as Michael Jordan, Kyrie Irving, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, to Stephen Curry. Each of them always wears special shoes with their names when competing in the field.

For those of you who want to play basketball more optimally, you can use the following NBA player basketball shoes to get even more excited!

Nike Air Jordan Basketball Shoes

Who does not know Michael Jordan? One of the most legendary NBA players has its basketball shoe brand in collaboration with Nike. Named Nike Air Jordan, these shoes are in demand and are used by almost all basketball lovers. Now, there are up to the Air Jordan 17 version, and it is still so popular even though Jordan has not been actively playing for a long time.

Nike Kyrie Basketball Shoes

Kyrie Irving is one of the talented NBA players who now plays for the Boston Celtics club. At present, Nike Kyrie basketball shoes are available in the 4th version. Nike Kyrie has an attractive design, suitable for those of you who want to use these shoes outside the basketball court, such as to go to school, college, or to appear semi-formal to the office.

Li-Ning Way of Wade Basketball Shoes

One of the most famous NBA players, Dwayne Wade, could feel his glory when defending the Miami Heat with LeBron James. Now, Wade is still loyal with the Heat to keep giving the team the best place in the NBA. Wade collaborates with quality sports manufacturers from China, namely Li-Ning, in making his shoe series, the Li-Ning Way of Wade.

Nike LeBron Basketball Shoes

One of the best known and best NBA players who are currently still actively playing has special shoes that also work with Nike. Nike LeBron is presently one of the most popular. Now, the shoe of the player who now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers already has the 15th series.

Under Curry Armor Basketball Shoes

The famous basketball player that is popular today, Stephen Curry, is a man who is credited with bringing glory to the NBA basketball club Golden State Warriors. Basketball enthusiasts love curry because he has an agile and attractive appearance. Currently, Curry already has several cool basketball shoe series in collaboration with Under Armor.

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