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Nike LeBron 16 LMTD “HFR”

Ahead of the official release of the LeBron 16, Nike partnered up with Harlem’s Fashion Row for a special take on the King’s upcoming signature shoe.

Celebrating LeBron James‘ fashion focus outside of basketball, the platform for multicultural fashion designers drew inspiration from the recognizable design of Hermès Birkin Bags. Influenced by the bag’s buckle system, the cream-colored look features a tan leather buckle ankle strap, complete with a LeBron-branded gold plate. Another notable design element is the lion logo at the heel, which has been embedded into the lacing system of the shoe and further exaggerated to give off more of a 3D appeal.

LeBron James has unveiled the Nike LeBron 16 earlier this week. The new campaign will have similar roots as last year with the debut during the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

The LEBRON 16 HFR, which stands for Harlem’s Fashion Row, is something to behold. It’s a special design that combines the world of performance and fashion. Harlem’s Fashion Row is a platform for multicultural fashion designers.

The shoe sports what seems to be a new rendition of the “Ghost” colorway equipped with a buckle ankle strap. The regular LEBRON XVI comes with the lionhead logo on the back of the shoe, but on the HFR pair it is used as part of the lacing system. The laces go through the lion’s mouth. That’s sick!

Stay tuned for more updates once available. Be on the lookout between September 6th and September 14th.

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