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Easy and Proper Way to Clean Your Basketball Shoes

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Keeping clean basketball shoes is not just a matter of appearance, but also its performance when used. Dirty shoes can make you slip and slip on the field and even cause injury. Clean and rough basketball shoes can help you by providing grip on the field, maximizing every step-back shot, and your best fast crossover. When you know how to care for your basketball shoes properly, then your performance on the field will be more excellent.

Make sure you know how to clean basketball shoes and check the condition of the basketball shoes before you start using them. Follow the tips and tricks on how to take care of your shoes below so that your shoes stay clean, and the grip of the soles remains strong.

Easy Tips for Cleaning Shoes

There are many ways to get rid of stains on shoes that you can find, but there are a few tips you need to know before cleaning your favorite basketball shoes:
• Do not use shoe cleaners such as shoe washers or dryers because they can damage basketball shoes.
• Do not place shoes near air vents or heaters, or use a hairdryer. High heat can make rubber material in basketball shoes wrinkled.
• Do not use rubbing alcohol, bleach, deodorant detergents, or fabric softeners, as this can cause the soles of basketball shoes dry, cracked, and leave an oily residue.
• Only use environmentally friendly detergents.

Steps for Cleaning Basketball Shoes

The way to clean each person’s shoes is different. However, if you want to keep basketball shoes clean in a simple way, then you need to follow the steps on how to take care of the following sneakers:

# 1 Removing stones from the soles of basketball shoes is the right first step in how to clean shoes, especially if outdoor basketball games are your favorite. Use a toothpick to remove the stone from between the soles of the shoe.

# 2 Wash shoelaces and insoles together in the washing machine with delicate and cold water control and detergent.

# 3 Use a cloth to wipe the stain gently using a mixture of environmentally friendly detergent and warm water. Note: If your basketball shoe soles are white, add a little toothpaste as a shoe cleaner to your detergent mixture, so the results are cleaner.

# 4 Remove the remaining soap and foam using a cloth dampened in warm water.

# 5 Allow drying at room temperature. Do not place it in the sun or store basketball shoes in a wet state. If your basketball shoes are made of leather, use a little conditioner or treatment fluid for leather shoes.

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